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This thesis is a compilation of four peer-reviewed journal articles. The work could not have been completed without three years of support and encouragement from the following individuals and organizations. To begin with, I would like to stress my deepest appreciation to my supervisor. Prof. Josu Takala for his constant. Oct 7, 2013. THE CHARACTERIZATION OF ALGAE GROWN ON NUTRIENT REMOVAL. SYSTEMS AND EVALUATION OF POTENTIAL USES FOR. THE RESULTING BIOMASS by. Kristin Hampel. A dissertation submitted to the Graduate College in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of. Our one-of-a-kind thesis, dissertation, or proposal on Algae can include any of the unique features listed at right (click on a feature for details).

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i Declaration I, Douglas Aitken, declare that this thesis and the work presented in it are my own and that it has been generated by me as the result of my own.

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