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EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING FOR THE HISTORY CLASSROOM. 4. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Chapter. Page. Abstract 2. Acknowledgements 3. INTRODUCTION 6. Introduction to the Research Study 6. Research TopicQuestions 8. Research Relationships 8. Background of the Researcher 9. LITERATURE REVIEW 13. Aug 16, 2007. Kolbs experiential learning theory is one of the best known educational theories in higher education. The theory presents a way of structuring a session or a whole course using a learning cycle. The different stages of the cycle are associated with distinct learning styles. Individuals differ in their preferred. In a seminal review of the experiential learning field, Coffield, Moseley, Hall and Ecclestone (2004) identified 71 learning styles models, 13 of which were regarded as major contributions. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE. 2.1 Chapter preview. 2.2 Introduction. 2.3 Experiential Learning and Outdoor Education. 2.4 IntelligenceMultiple Intelligence. 2.5 Naturalistic Intelligence and Nature Consciousness. 2.6 Learning strategies Instructional packages. 2.7 Environmental studies Biodiversity studies.

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Literature Review for a Phenomenological Study of

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