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Writings on Christian leadership and leader development by Malcolm Webber. Subscribe to our weekly email and receive Malcolms E-book on how to build healthy leaders for FREE! Leaders Who Know God 1 Min Read 1st February 2018 Will You Surrender? If only one person in your church would get down and pray it through before God, and When an employee needs help with a task, he or she typically comes to you, so you can either take over or provide the resource that will help accomplish the task. And in most cases, fulfilling that managerial duty is perfectly fine. But when youre coaching your employees to become leaders, Ive found that its beneficial to.

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ASCD Sends Letter to HELP Leadership Expressing Significant Reservations About DeVos Nomination. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 26, 2017. Contact Cameron Brenchley. ALEXANDRIA, VAEarlier today, ASCD sent the following letter to Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee.

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