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Thaddeus Fendon is a Attorney in Arroyo Grande, CA. Click Thaddeuss profile to discover their Avvo Rating, write a review, and read professional endorsements. Send Resume to HR Dept., 5960 S. Sprinkle Road, Portage, Ml 49002 or email to. Thaddeus Arroyo, Cingular Wireless first and only CIO for a group of 6,000 IT professionals, says the only constant role model throughout his life has been his father, who established work ethics and an approach for creating his own. Thaddeus Arroyo. Lamborghini Dallas Delivers 2 000th Aventador Produced. Accounting associate resume. Thaddeus Arroyo is CEO of ATT Mexico, LLC, a Mexico City-based wireless service provider that covers more than 80 million people in Mexico.

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